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little girl snatched from school. how an exotic bird led to the suspect. a woman from our area. >> a new report about a man's death during confrontation with police at a local movie theater. and while the officers are on the bed. new details about how a fugitive ex-cop stayed under the radar and what led to his death. a big nose-dive. that turned rain to snow in many areas. >> doug kammerer is outside the studio. what we can expect tonight into the weekend. doug? >> it is amazing. earlier today. 60 degrees. mrent y plenty of sunshine. a cold rain in northwest washington. mixing in with snow. seeing flakes in north west. up to the north. northern montgomery county. damascus, mount airy. and
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investigators -- gaithersburg, and over toward baltimore. south of washington, all rain. it will continue to be. one thing you notice here. that rain continuing to make its way out of the region. back to the west. leesburg, frederick, rain/snow is out of the region. look at the numbers down to 38 in washington. 22 degrees difference. there is still another chance for some snow. at least in part of the area. and it is the part of the area that didn't see it tonight. we will talk who is going to get what over the weekend and just how cold we are going to get too. stay with us. >> thank you, doug. disturbing, par done me, disturbing new details in the abduction of a 5-year-old girl from philadelphia. also the suspect's ties to our area. >> the 19-year-old suspect grew up in montgomery county before moving to philadelphia to work at a day-care center. jackie benson in silver spring with more on the arrest. jackie? >> reporter: the sole person
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under arrest for what its one of the most heinous crimes in recent memory in philadelphia, lived in the silver spring area until a year ago. montgomery county public schools officials confirm 19-year-old, graduated from spring brooke high school. police in philadelphia believe she is the woman seen here in black muslim robes and face covering taking a 5-year-old girl from her school. the little girl's family, the woman claimed to be the child's mother. the 5-year-old was taken to a nearby home and subjected to an ordeal of rape and psychological intimidation before being left freezing and half-dressed in a park. >> we never suspect anything of this magnitude. >> this goes beyond reckless. >> investigators say, the girl, seen here leaving the police station is a match. in addition to dna evidence, an
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x exotic pet bird is key to the case. she heard a bird and it would peck its eyes. >> they were the ones that did what was done to this child. they deep sserve to be caught. >> 19-year-old christina is being held in philadelphia on a $4 million bond. reporting live in silver spring, jackie benson, news 4. >> the virginia man who killed eight people and fired at a police helicopter will spend the rest of his life in prison sentenced to five life terms for the shooting death of his sister, her husband and two children in 2010. he ambushed two neighbors and teenagers outside. he suffered from mental illness and was worried his sister was going to kick him out of the
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house. an arrest in connection to a burglary at a deputy's home in fort washington. brian witaker admitted breaking in earlier this week. an alexandria sheriff's deputy. he walked in as whitaker and a man were ransacking the place. the officer shot and killed the intruder. maryland man died in police custody after a confrontation at a local movie theater to. night his death ruled a homicide. the three offduty deputies involved are on the job. erica gonzalez is fred rick ner county. >> reporter: the man died in the custody of tlhree deputies. the three deputies are working their assignments after the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. >> sound suspicious. >> reporter: an employee called
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deputies over when they found sailor trying to stick around for a movie he didn't pay for. sailor became defensive. three offduty officers put him in cuffs. before they could get him out of the theater, sailor had what is described as a medical emergency. he was transported to the hospital where he died. the frederick county sheriff's office told newspapers, sahe wa developmentally disabled. >> it sound off. just hard to imagine around here. >> frederick county bureau of investigation is taking the lead in the case trying to determine whether or not deputies were at fault. in frederick, erica gone zaelza. the former congressman agreed to plead guilty after spending hundreds of thousand in campaign cash on lavish personal
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expenses. here is wendy reiger at news 4 live desk. wendy? >> reporter: $750,000. charges including wire fraud conspiracy, mail fraud. he and his wife accused of spending $750,000 in campaign funding. and a plea deal means he will likely get less than the maximum five year prison sentence. the charging documents say the items include, $43,000 rolex watch, $23,000 in michael jackson memorabilia, $11,000 in items related to martial arts star, bruce lee. and $5,000 football signed by american presidents. sandy jackson resigned from her post. she was a chicago alderman. resigned last month. today her attorney revealed she will plead guilty to filing false tax returns. that carries maximum penalty of throw years in prison. you may recall this past summer,
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jesse jackson jr. disappeared from congress for weeks. and his doctor revealed he was being treat ford bipolar disorder. jackson stepped down in know. today he release aid statement apologizing for his actions and mistakes he has made and once he was seen as a rising political star. he has been unable to capitalize on the sharing of a name with his father, civil rights icon jesse jackson. back to you. thank you, wendy. tonight we have learned the fugitive ex-cop accused of killing four people in southern california apparently killed himself. christopher dorner shot himself in the head tuesday night inside a cabin in big bear community in california. he apparently spent most of the time on the run in a condo. just a few steps away from the command center set up to find him. back home here, prosecutors in alexandria expect to file murder charges against the woman accused of burglarizing an elderly man's home.
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94-year-old elmer roars was found dead in his home in del ray wednesday. surveillance cameras at the house showed one person going in that day. prosecutors claim marie johnson admitted she was the person on the video. at this point, she has been charged only with stealing from that home in november. a warning from facebook after the company revealed it has fallen victims to hackers. a post on the security blog says they were hacked in january. so far there is no evidence that any user information was compromised. facebook just the latest high profile target in a series of cyberattacks. twitter, "the washington post," "the new york times" and "wall street journal" have all, also been hacked this year. congress closer to extending the two-year pay freeze for federal workers. the house passed a bill that will keep salaries at the same level for an additional nine months. that would block president obama's executive order to give
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federal employees a 1/2 percent raise end of march. republicans say that will save $11 billion. democrats say government workers are being singled out. the president had to wipe away tears in an emotional ceremonyhonoring six workers killed at sandy hook elementary school. the teachers and staff who lost theirs lives protecting their students in d.c.'s mass shootion. the presidential citizens metal its the second highestto civili. >> they gave all they had for the most innocent and helpless among us. the ceremony honored 12 other good citizens for service to others including two local people. maria gomez of marry center in washington, and terry shima a world war ii veteran who fights for the rights of
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japanese-american service members. >> a county prosecutor demanding justice after she discovered more than 10,000 untested rape kits. some of them had been in the system for 20 years. the detroit police department has come under new leadership since the discovery was made. the current chief is now working with the prs cosecutor's officef to sift through all that evidence. so far they have tested 600 kits and discovered 21 serial rapists. new meaning to distracted driving. what the driver was doing second before slamming into this home. >> first lawsuit already filed. the problems are not over for the carnival cruise ships. >> cashing in at airport security check
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wow, amazing. cameras that is, captured a 10 ton meteor hurdling in the sky over russia before it exploded with the force of a bomb. it blew out windows and injured 1,000 people from flying gas from the sonic boom. the meteor did damage but did not hit buildings. it came hours before an asteroid passed within 17,000 miles of earth. scientists say the two incidents were just a coincidence, astrological coincidence. not related. >> thousand of cruise ship passengers back home tonight, five days in disgusting conditions, clamoring for food. now an investigation is under way to figure out what caused the problem and what could have been done to avoid it. our report from mobile, alabama.
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>> reporter: after a celebration filled return to u.s. soil, passengers of the carnival triumph headed home trying to put memories behind them. >> i am getting on no cruise no more. first time and never again. >> trina of new york says after an engine fire cult power and knocked out the ship's sanitation system. raw sewage and garbage forced her on to the top deck for good. >> you could not go back in. to get to the room you have to walk through filth. >> hi! >> sandy made it back to illinois and wasn't taking anything for granted. >> i'm so happy. so happy to be home. >> meanwhile as passengers made their way home, investigators began their work here in a mobile ship yard, trying to figure out exactly what caused the engine room fire and turned this dream vacation into a nightmare. >> my best description would be,
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imagine a port-a-potty with 4,000 people. carnival apologized, given refund and offered in send tichs to passengers. that may not be enough to stem a tide of lawsuits. >> we intend to hold carnival responsible, legally for whatever harm they have caused these people. >> because it is registered in the bahamas. experts from the country are serving as lead investigators with the ntsb and u.s. coast guard. there is a new report out that says the transportation security administration collected a small fortune in change last year. the tsa says fliers left more than half a million dollars in change, while passing through security and then running to catch their flight. officials say that money will be spent on general security operations. >> that money adds up doesn't it? >> penny saved. penny earned. >> just like a change jar at home i guess. going to get a little nasty out there tonight?
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>> little nasty. and if you are going from december tes, baltimore, philly. a -- d.c., baltimore, philly. i think i-95 will be okay. we are seeing the snow. at the airport, mixture of rain and snow across the metro region. right now, reporting light rain at the airport. airport i expect, most likely to stay all rain. but i do expect to see many areas change over to snow. that's what is happening. take a look at storm team 4 radar. the snow. baltimore. i-95. down toward the south as well. seeing a little bit of the snow. around laurel, columbia, maryland. reports here, of fat flakes. saw those two days ago. seeing them during the day today. seeing snow into baltimore. bwi changing over. closer to our area. montgomery county. seeing the snow. last couple hours. i mention, laurel, bethesda. starting to see some of that
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too. done to the south. mostly rain. not surprised if you walked outside and there is also snow that is mixing in from time to time. going to be the case. the back edge coming through fairfax now. it will continue to move out towards portions of southern maryland. seeing the rain and the snow mixture, for about the next one to two hours. down to the south. one report of snow you. can see that showing up here on the radar. south of quantico along i-95. most of this likely rain too. so what are we going to be seeing. as you notice this is it. the back edge. making the way across the region. the cold front. the front will not move the whole way. we will see energy to the south. make its way up the frontal boundary. the front will be to the east. because of that. colder temperatures. look at the high. 60. it was gorgeous across the region on the friday. warmest day we have seen in two weeks. the warm soest so far in the mo of february. not going to get there. 36 in winchester.
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34, leesburg. and right now, 37. temperature thousands falling by 20 to near 30 degrees in some spots over the last couple hours as the front has moved on through. our one little system already moving through. our next system moves through during the day tomorrow. if this is clos enough e enough coast. it may be. southern maryland, will pick up snow. same area, all rain tonight. north and west. i don't expect anything. the cold and rainy condition thousands. everybody will see that. flakes. snow showers, flurries during the day sunday. no more accumulation, north and west of the city. down to south and east. maybe less than an inch, la plata, quantico, fredericksburg. southern portions of calvert county. st. mary's county, patuxent river. and a few flakes in the
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washington, d.c. metro area tomorrow. light flurries. 29 to 34 degrees. tomorrow afternoon. much colder than today. snow showers, best chance, south and east. temperatures, 37 to 41. with the wind of 10, 20 miles an hour. talking wind chill between 25 and 35. all day long. that wind chill, gets even colder on sunday. high temperature, 36. but the wind really picking up. wind chill sunday. expected to be in the mid 20s all day long. most likely starting in the teens. as i told you we hit 60 today. i don't see anywhere near that. the next week. next time we are above 50. will be on tuesday. that could start with freezing rain. switching over to shower activity tuesday. another chance of ran or snow. next friday. so a lot of little systems continue to move through us. >> tame. >> i don't like them. >> either snow or don't. >> or move on to spring if it is not going to.
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a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. cincinnati, they haven't won in three seasons against the bearkats. here we go. make you wait for a second. like to see the highlights. take tonight's georgetown/cincinnati showdown. hoyas ranked 15th. started the day in the three way tie atop the big east. the highlights. jim is waiting for. win against rival bearkats can
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give them sole possession. top of the conference. second half. georgetown up two. porter can do everything. shooting from beyond the arc. 16 points. hoyas up five. few plays later. cincinnati on the break. down by one. pass to parker. works the base lane. gets that tough shot. you know, speaking of tough shots. that gave hem a one-point lead. here come the hoyas. watch starks. this one driving right. stepping back. yep. nails it! georgetown hold on. they win it 62-55. their seventh straight w. yes they're alone atop the big east. >> representing at nba rising stars challenge game. he is part of one of the best highlights in the first half. did you see that? ricky rubio between the legs. go, see him in the second half open. >> the defense. there. he was wide open.
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yes. finishes with 12 points. and team wins in a blowout. 163-135. >> all right. spring training continues. and dan hellie is there set to make the biggest impact on the team. >> the question many people are asking this season, who is the most important player for the nationals. could it be, well, newly acquired rafael soriano, ryan zimmerman, bryce harper, steven strasbourg, take your pick. there are tons. a lot of guys telling us it is not a player it is manager davey johnson. >> he still remembers what it is like. he must have reattend everything from when heap is a player. he remembers what it is look to go out there, grind, kind of have people tell you do things. he keeps it light. he gets his message across. in a sense, some times funny. some times serious. pretty invaluable. probably the best position we
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may bring him back for a year. >> what about davey is fun as a manager? >> he is just fun. hand down. he is just fun. to bearound a manager that's been around a game a long time seen a lot of things you. know really excites everybody on the club. and, it's so fun. just to be around him. be able to talk to him. be able to, you know, mess around. and, you know, really -- have a good time playing. >> one-liners make you laugh, right? >> i crack up. everything that he says. behind the cage. and, hitting, you just, you know, draw something off for someone like that. it's, really funny. wish i could say some of the things he does. but i won't. >> davey johnson. 50 years older than bryce harper. yet some how they get along great. that will do it from here. carol, becoack to you. >> thank you, dan. what its great, nats and jordan
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